Our Message

Representing life as your most authentic self, Displaced By Design was created to connect people of all backgrounds through shared stories. We all have more in common than we realize. Some of us share the same experiences, dreams, and even insecurities. Out of insecurity, we hide from our truth in fear of being rejected. Life then becomes more about craving outside validation and seeking others’ approval to determine our worth. We disconnect from our true self and in the process, we reject parts of our story in order to be accepted without judgment. We believe strength comes in knowing you are not alone. We believe in embracing our story, it’s the only one we have. 
Displaced By Design’s message is to live with the intention to find meaning in every experience, interaction, and decision. Living with intention means living a better and more fulfilling life that's full of meaning and purpose. By joining the displaced you remove all that does not bring peace and joy into your life. We are all uniquely designed and created to experience life differently, the choices we make are how we chose to express ourselves much like the journey we go through to get to self-fulfillment is ours. No one else’s. 
Displaced By Design’s mission is to influence people to live with intention and accept their life without judgment in order to live a more fulfilling life as their most authentic self. Our goal is to build a community for people to come together and express themselves freely. Our focus is to create effortless and straightforward designs crafted onto soft fabrics with intention and substance that can spread across large demographics. Displaced By Design represents the pursuit and embrace of a better and more fulfilling life, through your story. Fashion is the bridge between who we are and who we are becoming. Through fashion, we are able to challenge society’s expectations. We just happen to make t-shirts.