Displaced By Design was created as a concept to intentionally state, “you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.” This concept represents the pursuit and embrace of a better and more fulfilling life, through the embrace of your story. We aim to embody, and express, culture through shared stories and design—our focus is to create ready-to-wear sustainable pieces with substance that can bring value to others, can be worn as is, and/or personalized to fit your style. 

 Our mission is to bring individuals together from all backgrounds with a message that reaches beyond cultural boundaries. Displaced By Design represents a life outside fear of rejection and the seeking of validation from others. When people come across Displaced By Design, we want the brand to interrupt their thinking and challenge their worldview. With the opportunity we have to spread our message, we want to put our dent in the fashion world by forming an essential foundation for all-purpose clothing. 

Displaced By Design was launched in 2020 with an intentional agenda.